President Ramo Shares Greetings from Mr. Boskey

adams-kristenIn her opening remarks, ALI President Roberta Cooper Ramo brought greetings from Mr. Bennett Boskey, the ALI’s longtime former Treasurer.  Mr. Boskey will soon celebrate his 99th birthday and has, in so many important ways, contributed to both the process and the substance of the ALI’s work.
One of Mr. Boskey’s best-known contributions to the ALI is the “Boskey Motion,” which is used at the end of each discussion to capture the precise procedural posture of the draft being discussed, along with the planned next steps.
All of us hope to see Mr. Boskey at next year’s meeting to mark the ALI’s 93rd year and Mr. Boskey’s 100th, and to hear him make his traditional “Boskey Motion” in the special and particularly thoughtful way that only he can do.