Below are some frequently asked questions about the ALI Annual Meeting. As we receive additional questions, we’ll be sure to update this list.

How can I register for the Meeting?

Online registration is closed. You can register in person at the registration desk in the Roosevelt Room at the Ritz-Carlton.

Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee for the Meeting. Ticket prices for special events will be listed on the registration form.

Can nonmembers attend the Meeting?

Yes, members may invite nonmember colleagues to attend the Meeting and related events. Nonmembers must register and/or purchase tickets in advance or on site at the Ritz-Carlton. Note that the Policy Concerning Floor Privileges for Nonmembers provides that nonmembers may not make or second a motion and may not vote on any matter before the Meeting.

Where can I pick up my badge on site?

You should pick up your badge at the ALI registration desk.  You must pick up your badge before entering the Ritz-Carlton Ballroom and wear it for all Meeting sessions and events.

Why are there colored dots on some badges?

We use a green dot on a badge to indicate that the wearer is a newly elected member of the Institute, and a red dot to designate those attending an Annual Meeting for the first time. This year the new members will also be wearing a green lanyard.  Keep an eye out for these members, so you can welcome them to ALI and to the Meeting!

Officers and members of the Council are designated by a blue dot on a badge — don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to them.

Are there any special events for new members?

Yes. ALI will hold a luncheon for members elected since May 2014. In addition, there is a dinner organized by newer members on Sunday, May 17. If you are in that group, you should receive an invitation. Pre-registration is required. Please contact Beth Goldstein at bgoldstein@ali.org or (215) 243-1666 for more information.

How can I find information on the status of the projects being presented at the Meeting?

The agenda will note whether projects are being presented for approval or for discussion. You also can visit the Projects section of our main website for more information on the projects.

How can I get copies of the Meeting drafts and reports?

You will receive by mail in advance of the Meeting any drafts and reports that you requested via our draft-selection invitation. You also can download them in PDF format after they are posted on our website (access is free for members and project participants). If we have a working email address for you, we will notify you by email when each draft is posted. In addition, you can pick up printed copies of the drafts and reports at the Meeting.

Can I make comments on Meeting drafts?

In addition to comments and suggestions made on the floor of the Meeting, written comments on Annual Meeting Drafts are welcomed. They should be addressed to the Director, the Deputy Director, and the Reporters, whose contact information can be found on page iv of all ALI drafts.

I’d like to present a motion at the Meeting. How do I go about doing so?

You should submit your motion in accordance with the procedure described on the Drafts, Comments, & Motions page.

Is CLE credit available?

Yes. For a $100 administrative fee, CLE credit is available for attendance at the project sessions at the Annual Meeting. In addition, a program by ALI CLE on Sunday, May 19, offers two hours of ethics credits. The tuition for the program is $150 for ALI members (and project Advisers) and $195 for all others. Advanced registration is required.

I have a disability. How can I make special arrangements to participate in the Meeting?

Please inform our Meetings Department (by phone at 215-243-1657 or by email to meetings@ali.org) at least two weeks in advance of any special arrangements required for you to participate fully in the Meeting or any of the related events.

Is financial assistance available?

Financial assistance is available for members of the judiciary and public-sector lawyers and public-interest lawyers. Please contact the Membership Department by email to membership@ali.org or by phone to (215) 243-1666) for more information.

Will there be wireless access at the Meeting?

Yes. Free wireless access will be available in The Ritz-Carlton Ballroom.

What is the dress code for the Meeting and related events?

The dress code is business attire. The Annual Reception and Dinner are semi-formal (black tie optional).

I cannot attend, but would like to know what happens at the Meeting.  Is there a way to see daily project updates? Will the Meeting be available by webcast?

A steady stream of news about the Meeting will be posted on the Annual Meeting website, www.2015annualmeeting.org/.

Additionally, we’ll send daily updates to all members who subscribe through an email to be sent in late April.  We’ll also provide a full report on the Meeting in next issue of The ALI Reporter.

The Annual Meeting will not be broadcast online, but videos of speeches and remarks at events will be posted on ALI’s website after the Meeting.

Where can I get more information about the reception at the National Museum of the American Indian?

We created a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the reception and museum here.

If your question isn’t covered here, please contact ALI Membership Manager Jane Giacinto at jgiacinto@ali.org or 215-243-1623.